My Books

I can’t think of a time when I was not reading or writing something. Below are some projects suspended now in print, but whose stories and words continue to form new truths and old realities.

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The Only Thing I wAS FIT FOR: A NOVEL (r)

As a woman packs up her house and sorts through its history, she follows her imagination and the paper trail of long-buried secrets to dislodge the grip of memory and master the words for deeply ingrained abuses and assuaging joys. She sifts through the attributes of wood, wind, snow, sea and place to celebrate the power of family and relationships, to delve the wisdom in world cultures, to document the pathos of ruthless local and national events, and to arrive at an acceptance of solitude amid hopes for a more gracious and embracive future society. T

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The richly evocative images, musical language and diversified and creative stories of these poems capture and expand on  family histories and fantasies, laser-destroying  illness and magical health, spiritual inquiry and persistent puzzles. Graciously, firmly, they  speak for the raconteurs of  several generations, as well as act as a bellwether for the next. 

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WITH ONE FOOL LEFT IN THE WORLD, NO ONE IS STRANDED: Scenes from another afghanistan

This book charts the life of two young American teachers immersed in an Afghan village, and later in Kabul, from 1973-1976, before the onset of decades of conflict. In this turn back to the memories coded and buried in those years, and in the flashes to more recent events and reflections, the book portrays stories, scenes, people and realities long lost. 

In the minute particulars and in the large, political and cultural strokes which made up that complex country of hospitable people who shaped the writer's life in unpredictable ways, one finds the seeds which grew to shape a country, a region, an endless war, and which now impact a new millennium.


down rivers for windfall night: a novel

In this lyrical and sweeping story of one woman's journey to understand the sadness of her past, the fragility of a dying relationship, and the pending death of her father, the reader travels through Celtic myths and Teutonic tales, small town and rural Texas at the turn of the century, suburban St. Louis and student-traveled Ireland in the pangs of the trans- formative 60's and 70's, and beyond.

The story of several generations of a family-- as seen through the wondering and wandering of it youngest daughter-- uses dreams, stories, trips, journals, and letters to trace the power of commitment and consciousness, memory and forgetting, reality and dream, mythology and religion, and mental illness and vision. As the Arthur family gathers to hold a vigil beside the dying father, James, their voices drift in and out over 80 years and two continents to recall their individual lives, as Yvonne, the narrator, discovers her final role .

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children kept from the sun:excerpts from an afghan journal 1973-1976

Photographs and reflections from a lost era of an enchanted land and gracious peoples. Here is a masterful and breathtaking collection of photographs--faces, places and poses-- from a lost and enchanted land, Afghanistan in the early 1970's. 


between the shadow and the soul: random poems

Spanning images and voices from around the globe, as well as from the tiny, muted corners of a woman's dreams, this new collection spins and stretches and soothes with its vibrant and teasing language and rich stories, as well as its political savvy and dense imagination.